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Person to contact

Renate Blum

Target group

  • Those with a vested interest in socio-political issues
  • Educational institutions
  • NGOs
  • Civil society


Public relations, media, lobbying and networking activities on national and international levels are the cornerstones of our work at LEFÖ. These activities enable differentiated analyses of sociopolitical frameworks and afford us an opportunity to convey our experiences and expertise to others and to engage in critical exchanges with diverse partners.



  • Women—work—migration
  • civic education
  • sex work
  • trafficking in women


Our public relations, sensitization and lobbying activities focus on

  • Working with the media and press
  • Concept and realization of our annual LEFÖ educational seminar
  • Campaigns for the rights of migrant women
  • Seminars, lectures, workshops etc. on migration, racism and sexism, sex work and trafficking in women
  • Projects 
  • National and international level lobbying 
  • National and international networks


For over ten years LEFÖ has organized an annual educational seminar where current issues on the topic of women and migration are discussed for a few days. The continuity of this seminar—which is one of a kind within the German-speaking countries—offers the possibility to discuss and reflect on the formal and informal developments and changes in migration policy.


Internet presence

The concept, its content and technical implementation of the website reflect the graphic line and the work of LEFÖ. The extensive functions in the various areas of work, the concepts that underlie our actions, our targets and specific reactions are shown in a comprehensive and updated way. The LEFÖ home page is programmed according to the latest Accessability Standards (October 2010).


Information afternoons

We regularly receive requests from students and others interested in information, statements, interviews and expert opinions from LEFÖ. In an effort to structure the responses and to provide differentiated and competent information for those interested, LEFÖ holds a two-hour information afternoon once a month.



Since 1995, LEFÖ’s electronic newsletter Periódica has provided current information, announcements of changes in LEFÖ’s work and tips for events; the newsletter is currently distributed to over 500 national and international addresses.



The stock of books and other types of publications in the areas of women's migration, trafficking, sex work and related topics extended. Likewise, the archive of specialized newspaper and magazine collections will be added. Much of this library is open to women of the learning center and the counseling center and the staff of LEFÖ.


Selected articles and publications that elaborate on LEFÖ’s position

“Das Recht auf Gesundheit - Auch SexarbeiterInnen haben das Recht auf physische und psychische Gesundheit”; in Gesundheit hat Bleiberecht - Migration und Gesundheit; this publication was presented in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Marienambulanz in Graz; authors: Maria Cristina Boidi, Renate Blum / Facultas Verlag / 2009.

“Sex Work, Migration and Health” published within the framework of TAMPEP and written by the TAMPEP staff at LEFÖ. Authors: Maria Cristina Boidi, Faika A. El-Nagashi, Bernadette Karner / TAMPEP International Foundation / 2009.

Events and projects

16 Days against Gender Violence Campaign 2009
With the motto “Open up— first/second/third etc.!” from 25 November until 10 December 2009, videos produced by the working group "Public relations in our organizations" are available online. The videos contain statements on various forms of violence against women in migration and the economic disadvantages that arise from such situations. The “video action” participants include WIDE, Frauensolidarität, CARE, Miteinander Lernen, Peregrina, AÖF and LEFÖ. Media partner of this video project was

Click here to see LEFÖ’s video contribution: "Klappe auf!" 2009

13th Annual LEFÖ Education Seminar

4 – 6 July 2009

“[Civic] Education and Migrant Women - Holistic Approaches, Critical Engagements”

This year's training seminar was developed, designed and implemented in close cooperation with our partners in the Target 2 project "learning centers for migrant women" - with Peregrina and OrientExpress.

LEFÖ’s annual educational seminar discussed the conditions, possibilities and tensions in political education in migrant women’s (self-) organizations and their sociopolitical implications.

The speakers discussed the issue of civic education within the context of adult education in Austria and addressed the possibilities for civic education in courses for German as a second/foreign language. Some of the main topics of interest were the roles of language learning and of the teachers in the educational process. A further question was how, if or to what extent civic education for adults can transform the life realities of migrant women. A small selection of methods were presented during the interactive training seminar.

The LEFÖ educational seminar provided time and space for a more in depth discussion of these issues. Short presentations, discussions, working groups, plenary sessions and Forum Theater were the approaches applied for working on the topics.

A documentation of the 2009 education seminar (only in German) is available upon request at:

Nationwide campaigns

To address the lack of rights of sex workers and to improve their precarious legal situation, LEFÖ initiated and implemented in 2007 and 2008 nationwide campaigns. The campaigns "Sex workers lust for their rights ..." lasted from 8 March (International Women's Day) to 2 June (International Hurentag) and were supported by many organizations, institutions and individuals. Read more on