LEFÖ celebrates 35 years of intensity, beauty and resistance with and for female* migrants

Our wish for our celebration: 365 times 35 €

Your gift:

  • You support emancipatory educational offers for underprivileged female* migrants
  • You ensure legal, social and psychological first-language counseling
  • You empower trafficked girls* and women*
  • You enhance media and social visibility of female* migrants through public campaigns and sensibilization activities
  • You challenge predominant perspectives
  • You make our world more many-voiced


Donate 35 €, or less, or more


Bank transfer

IBAN: AT09 1200 0006 8406 3605


Reference: 35 Jahre LEFÖ




Thank you for your donation!

For more information, please contact us at: spenden@lefoe.at


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Support LEFÖ's daily work for migrant women - Receive our calender!

We are giving away wonderful calendars to our supporters! As a thank you for your donation, you can receive a calendar, designed especially for our 30th anniversary.


Simply add  "Kalender" (Calendar) to the subject of the transaction!


Donation of minimum 10 Euro: Calendar

With quotes and pictures by LEFÖ-women.

The calendar contains all important dates related to women*s rights and can be reused every year.


The beautiful bag is no longer available


Campaign "1000 women and men"

To fight against a reduction of funding, 2005, the campaign "1000 Women and Men" was launched. With this campaign we wanted to address the social consciousness of solidarity between men and women who understand the situation and want to be part of the campaign "1000 women and men".

Our goal was to motivate 1,000 women and men to support the campaign with an amount of EUR 10, - in form of a standing at least about one year. We'd appreciate more and more supporters.

Weblog fish.tag

With this slogan, 2005, the weblog fish.tag has been set up as a platform to call attention to topics as women's labor migration and to obtain financial support for education and counseling to migrants.