Expertise on trafficking in women* for sex workers* (project funded by MA57)

In sex work, as in other fields of professions, colleagues* know a lot about each other. Sex workers* have a profound knowledge of the organisation of the prostitution scene, often support each other in legal, social and health issues and are regionally and transnationally mobile. It is therefore important to recognise and involve them as experts* and peer educators* within migration movements.

Therefore, LEFÖ carried out the pilot project “Frauen*handel-Expertise für Sex Workers*“ for a period of 6 months (June to November 2010) in Vienna. This involved targeted outreach activities (outreach support and information by cultural mediators* at sex workers*’ workplaces). Thus, sex workers* were contacted as multipliers* and informed about and made more aware of the phenomenon of trafficking in women*. Workshops were held to provide information and expertise on trafficking in women. Through the empowerment of the participating sex workers* and the multiplication effect in the context of high mobility, this constituted a sustainable prevention measure against trafficking in women*.

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