Multilingual info-flyers

Our multilingual information flyers are designed for potential clients as well as professionals who might come into contact with trafficked women in the course of their work. They aim to facilitate the recognition of key indicators of human trafficking and offer important information on support services available to trafficked persons through LEFÖ-IBF.

If you are working for a governmental or non-governmental institution/organisation and would like to receive our printed multilingual information flyers, please email us: with the following details: name of flyer, amount, languages, contact details of institution/organisation, including name of contact person.

Rights, Support, Security!

Illustration of 10 key indicators of human trafficking and labour exploitation with brief descriptions of each indicator in a simple manner – ideal for potential trafficked persons.

Four-fold flyer (7cm x 14cm) available in 13 languages. 

Download here (PDF, 1–3 MB): Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Tagalog, Hungarian

I think, I am being exploited

FAQ on leaving a situation of exploitation and seeking support services available to trafficked persons to address general doubts, fears, uncertainties and misconceptions – ideal for potential trafficked persons. 

Two-fold flyer (10,5cm x 15cm) available in English only. 

Download here (PDF, 5 MB): English

Broken promises?

A guide to the key indicators of human trafficking, forms of exploitation and specialised support services in Austria for trafficked persons. Each indicator includes a yes/no question to facilitate the detection of potential trafficked persons and their timely referral to specialised support services – ideal for governmental or non-governmental institutions/organisations as well as self-identification by trafficked persons.

Poster (42cm x 59.4cm) available in English and German. 

Postcard (10.5cm x 14.8cm) available in Arabic, Romanian and Spanish.

Download here (PDF, Poster 16 MB, Postcard 1,6 MB): English, German, Arabic, Romanian, Spanish

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