ILGA: Position Paper on LGBTI sex workers

On Monday, 13th of June 2018, ILGA-Europe, a network of 500 LGBTQI organisations in 45 countries in Europe and Central Asia, publishes their Position Paper on LGBTI sex workers.

ILGA-Europe ( therefore call for the decriminalisation of all aspects of sex work, i.e. the selling, as well as buying of sex services, the operational aspects of sex work and the fact of working collectively with other sex workers.
ILGA-Europe call on policy-makers and other stakeholders to listen to the voices of LGBTI sex workers, to meaningfully involve them in the elaboration of all policies affecting them, and to speak out in support of the full decriminalisation of sex work.

We – from LEFÖ – are pleased to publish the Position Paper of ILGA

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