LEFÖ in the Tanzquartier Wien / TQW

In the context of a new cooperation between LEFÖ and the Tanzquartier Wien (TQW), the main focus of the PAROLI-Project (“Education for young, female refugees” – in the LEFÖ learning center for migrant women / as part of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education’s 2016 – 2017 refugee initiative), “language and movement”, will take place in the rooms of the TQW .

Additionally, the cooperation gives the possibility to view a performance and attend a dance workshop. The young PAROLI-learners are very enthusiastic!

Furthermore, it will be possible for Latin American women in LEFÖ (be it employees, learners or visitors and participants of our counselling offer) to attend a dance workshop with the Chilean-Mexican artist and dancer Amanda Piña. The workshop is given in connection with the world premiere of Piña’s dance production nadaproductions on the 17th and 18th of March in the TQW.



We are very excited about this fruitful cooperation! THANK YOU!

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