Mission statement

LEFÖ-Gründerin Cristina Boidi
Maria Cristina Boidi, coordinator of LEFÖ

Every woman has the right to a life in dignity!

  • We advocate for the rights of migrant women and for the improvement of their living conditions.
  • Our vision is a society in which differences are an enriching and natural part of our lives in community.
  • Our everyday practical work is settled within the context of the overall social reality. Here, we take a path of common and interconnected steps.
  • We orientate our work toward the vision of a society in which marginalizations have no place and carry the utopia of a just world for migrant women, for women and for all.


LEFÖ advocates for

  • Support and empowerment of migrant women
  • Empowerment of women throughout their entire migration process
  • Betterment of living and working conditions for migrant women in Austria
  • Protection of migrant women against racism, violence, exploitation and human rights violations
  • Counseling and education opportunities for migrant women that correspond to their concrete life situations
  • Information and engagement with issues of women’s migration, trafficking in women and sex work
  • Sensitization and lobbying to combat the political and social stigmatization of migrant women

Why feminism matters to LEFÖ women:

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